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HIPAA Training/Protecting Patient Privacy

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Stanford University HIPAA training

This training is required for the University to remain in compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule (45 CFR 164.530(B)), which requires covered entities to train all workforce members on policies and procedures related to protected health information (PHI).  All faculty, staff, and students within the Stanford HIPAA Components (listed below) are required to complete HIPAA Training within 30 days of joining the University and annually thereafter.  

1.The School of Medicine

2.Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research

3.Vaden Health Center

4.University IT

5.Office of Development

6.Office of the Chief Risk Officer

7.Environmental Health and Safety

8.Office of the General Counsel

9.Benefits Plans

"HIPAA/Protecting Patient Privacy"

Stanford University faculty, staff, and students who are involved in the design or conduct of research within the Stanford Covered Entity are also required to take an additional HIPAA training titled “HIPAA Privacy For Researchers” annually. It is recommended that the “HIPAA/Protecting Patient Privacy” training is completed prior to taking this course. Please use the link below to enroll in the “HIPAA Privacy For Researchers” course in STARS.

"HIPAA Privacy For Researchers"

Please see the HIPAA Training FAQs for more information.